choclatestarship asked:

What's good house music to listen to?

Their’s so many different styles…I’m not sure but I like “nu” disco stuff, For house music,I like Chicago classics. Trax records made some really amazing stuff. I would start out by listening to mixes… Ron Hardy and Frankie knuckles would be a good place to start. Theo parish and moody man are newer and you might like them or try Eric Duncan aka “Dr.Dunks”

kept-boy asked:

I just want to say using gay culture is fine it's just the way you're using it. Like taking House of Ninja's 'Legendary' and then Octavia Saint Laurent putting them together to create your own FAKE house "house of Bianca" BY SOMEONE THAT DOESN'T ACTUALLY VOGUE OR DO BALLS OR EVEN IDENTIFY AS GAY. By all means "use gay culture" but just don't be a complete fucking retard about it. PS- Giving you shit is really fun and easy that's why I do it.

Also you don’t have a job

planetdeath asked:

I know Jay Adams made some shitty choices growing up just like every damn human being on this earth, including myself. Bummed me out to get the news of his death. Last wk just sucked. Then I came across this morning on an article on how Jay Adams was a "gay basher" and killed a dood for being gay. Is this story accurate? What are your thoughts? Fucked up on how quick people point out eachothers flaws. I sure as fuck won't remember him like that. Legend! One!!!

I’m not sure