Do you know where to buy some cool rings? I've looked around a little but haven't really found anything appealing...I really respect your taste so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Ok…. Don’t buy any rings

dance with me sometime


Any tips on landing Impossibles ?

Put both feet on your board

Own any classic rock LP's?

Only get ep!

I'm kind of sad amazon prime doesn't give me free shipping on Bianca site

Ahahaha sorry

Have you listened to Washed Out by any chance ?

Yes chill wave

Did you ever get you GED? I still haven't.

No, I never did

do you spend a quarter of your income on weed?

On taxes

Have u got any idea why "cherry" was only released in US and Canada? I get that Supreme tries to their stuff exclusive or whatever, but why iTunes then?

Rights for music I think?

You would love Minneapolis. Skate spots galore, less people than NYC, and easier to get around. Plus everyone is overly nice cause its MN haha

Pretty girls?

Front 360 is such a pure trick

It’s a good one

If I were moving to Brooklyn would you help me find a place

No sorry

it was really sick meeting you on Saturday. was wondering whether you ever landed that trick

No :(

i know you love prince, just wondering what you think of minneapolis

Never really been

Any good roller disco in LA you like? much love xx

Yes Glendale