Have you any documentary photography projects in the run?

No not currently

Bianca Chandon in the UK?


I was 13 and in new york since before you were 13. Just saying. Your cool, though. kinda.

Do you own ” I miss the old New York” T shirts???

Record that you played at the end of your Jenkem 'day in the life', what was it?

I’ll play it again this next AO show

why do you think the sf skate scene isnt as big as nyc's scene anymore?

SF is pretty dry these days no disrespect

I always thought you belonged on anti hero or enjoi for some reason

I always thought of you asking me this

What did you think of dgk blood money video

I don’t know is that the one with acting

Did you watch the new flip video?

What do you think?



Do you have a favorite julien stranger part?

Yeah, all of them

people you and dylan are the reason the city isnt the city anymore. i get that gentrification is a good thing in alot of ways, but having to see some trust fund hipster fuck on every brooklyn street corner is starting to hurt my health. think you'l; ever move back to LA? please?

Yeah,I’m the reason that rent is so high…. Listen guy, I’ve been coming to New York since I was 13 with my dad. Most of my skating been here and who the fuck are you? I think you need to shave….

think youll ever move back to LA? please?

One day

What's ur opinion on Louie barletta


Do You enjoy Quentin Tarantino Films?


Skate wise is dope, you have an avid listener here. get stevekream's silly ass on there. He's an old-timer and has a nice radio voice.

Hahahha maybe