Have you ever skated any of nikes running shoes? Any suggestions?

No but they’re sick

People ask you weird questions bro.

You don’t say

Could your friend make me some jeans?

You got some money to blow

just wondering what the best way to wash and dry your shirts to avoid shrinkage is. and stay pretty <3

It’s been washed don’t worry

single and ready to mingle?

I guess it’s more just single

Do you prefer to shoot film or digital? And what's your favorite camera right now?

Both but the new sony a7

ok you liked the last collection Saint Laurent?

hahhaha I didn’t check it out

Please do some kind of ad for Bianca Chandon with the opening track from the Tom Molton Fire Island mix.

Hahaha send me it I haven’t heard it in a minute

Hints about the next drop?

I can’t

How do the supreme shirts fit compared to yours

Ours is a little more fitted

Ever hear "Sea Hunt" by Patrick Cowley? What a beautiful fucking song.

He’s great

Blazzer highs or gatos?


What do u think about the instagram user gonz_sucks_berra_rules ?

I’m doing stuff, his not….

Favorite Bill Burr sketch?

Aw man everyone that dude is a hero of mine

Swear I just saw it for 350 today go look

Hahaha that fake